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We are a team of like-minded individuals creating companies from the ground up. We collectively believe in embracing the tensions inherent in building things of real value.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe in the genuine power of choosing to do few things, and doing them well.
  • We believe rigor stems not only from diligence, but from the curiosity and passion that arises when you are singularly focused on an opportunity.
  • We believe that caring deeply about the human experience is a superpower.
  • We believe in forming strong opinions, but holding them loosely.
  • We believe inspiration surfaces from unexpected places and this spirit of creative experimentalism is something we must actively seek and nurture.
  • We believe in individuals deeply owning their lane, but winning together as a team.
  • We believe in great ambition and great effort, without great ego.
  • We believe in encouraging strong self-direction and a thriving community of like-minded thinkers and doers.


  • Rigor Imagination

  • Past Future

  • Focus Divergence

  • Intuition Data

  • Rule Exception

  • Principle Passion

  • Trust Skepticism

  • Ambition Humility

  • Investor Creator

  • Results Values

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